Uroš Martinšek prof.

Director of the of Snow Sports School Rogla INTERSPORT

Pro-Alpine Ski Coach / member of the State Examination Commission for Alpine skiing

The snow sports school INTERSPORT Rogla has been operating on Rogla since 1995 and has also changed its name during different periods.

Its first name was: SKI SCHOOL ROGLA. By expanding its activities to the ski resort Krvavec in 2005, it was renamed to SKI SCHOOL ROGLA – KRVAVEC. Under this name it operated on both ski resorts until 2011. With the arrival of the main sponsor, it was renamed to School of Snow Sports INTERSPORT ROGLA and it continues to operate on the Rogla slopes.

The school was assessed according to the criteria of the Golden snowflake and The best Ski slopes in Slovenia assessments – and was rated the best ski school in Slovenia 9 years in a row. In 2009 our team attended the World Championship in synchronized skiing and in the finals we placed a great 13th place.

There are definitely many reasons why choose the SNOW SPORTS SCHOOL INTERSPORT Rogla. We are going to state the most important ones:

  • The school’s program includes all forms of skiing: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing…
  • The work programs in the field of each discipline are fully adapted to the initial situation of the students.
  • Time flexibility with the implementation of the programs – dates and terms adapt to the guest’s wishes.
  • maskota-roglinFacilities at the ski resort. The school has all the necessary infrastructure facilities for each discipline and for each stage of learning, therefore all procedures are facilitated: a meeting point, a training ground for beginners; ski kindergarten; a training ground for the advanced level; fun park, preliminary entrances …
  • Personal approach – all ski instructors go through various phases of education, especially with the annual pre-season on-the-job  training, so they can adapt the programs  for individuals even in group courses.
  • The number of students in the groups is limited by the maximum number of 8 in the beginner programs and to 10 in all other programs.
  • Additional activities and diversity of programs: competitions, ski parties, snowshoeing, riding with scooters, tubing …
  • Accessibility and visibility on the ground – marking shirts, preliminary entrances.

I hope we have provided enough information about our work and that we’ll see you soon at the Ski resort Rogla.